Tuesday, 20 February 2018

#silverswans en Pointe!
The lovely Susan of S&J Talk Ballet
She has been working hard on her Pointe technique with Mark

Her feedback and query after Saturday 17 February's class:

Another wonderful day of dance with Mark was had today though the classes were on the small side probably because of the half-term holiday. It is lovely that some of the younger newcomers have become regulars and one has even joined the pointe class. There is plenty of space still so do join us as it is lovely to extend yourself. 

Has anyone any tips on the use of the pointe shoe ribbon with the elastic insert? I purchased a new pair of pointe shoes and they came with this type of ribbon. I found it more difficult to get my ribbons done up tight enough. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? If anyone has any comments that will help they will be gratefully received. 

Photo copyright Ballet4life and may not be used without permission.
This photo is from our other adult pointe class held on Saturdays.

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