Friday, 23 February 2018

 #silverswans do a Ballroom and Latin Dance Taster! #strictlycomedancing

J as in Julia of S & J Talk Ballet ( and other dance techniques)

Without a doubt, the range of dance classes held at the Ballet4life bespoke dance studio in Chiswick at St. Peter's Hall, Southfield Road, London W4 1BB, is both original and refreshing!!

Under the awesome direction of the Founder of Ballet4life Donna Schoenherr, last Tuesday, I and many other dance students enjoyed a Taster Ballroom and Latin Dance class held at the studio which was taught by exceptional dance teacher Anca Nistor.

Incredible it may seem by the end of this class ALL the participants were successfully able to Waltz and Cha Cha Cha across the dance floor with a new found confidence!

During my dance journey as a mature student at Ballet4life I have experienced a variety of dance from Ballet to Contemporary and now Ballroom. Phew!...AND watch this space as I believe Character and Folk dancing are about to enter the Ballet4life experience!

What a great way to celebrate the fact that this amazing dance school has just passed its 14th Anniversary milestone....and I would like to add with flying colours!!

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