Monday, 29 January 2018

Susan the S in S&J Talk Ballet
her comments after Saturday 27 January Beginner Improver Ballet and Beginner Pointe Class with Mark Kimmett

It was lovely to see some new faces at the 11am class at Arts Ed yesterday and all age groups were well represented. There were six of us for the pointe class which is lovely, but there is still plenty of room for more dancers to join in, so if you are curious, do give it a try. 
On the subject of pointe, I would love to hear views ( negative or positive ) on the different brands of the pointe shoe. I have heard that the Gaynor Minden shoes are the best, but are very expensive at nearly a £100 a pair! It seems a lot to pay for a 30-minute class once per week for an old amateur. I do need to get some new pointe shoes and the shop that I purchased my current pair have moved to the north of England, so I am looking for any suggestions anyone may have.

Photo: Susan in Mark's Beginner Pointe Class
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