Friday, 5 January 2018

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Master Classes with Donna & Alina

S & J of S & J Talk Ballet are back! Happy 2018 everyone!
Our very own pair of #silverswans are ready to get back to the barre next week!

J for Julia has this to say about the end of last term's Master Classes:

Two Excellent End of Term Master Classes

The Ballet4life Autumn Term ended on a real high as the students were treated to two amazing Master Classes!
The first of these splendid classes was given by former Professional Dancer, Director and Founder of Ballet4Life, Donna.
The room was full to the brim with enthusiastic students who knew they were about to challenge and improve their dancing skills!.... They were not to be disappointed as all were delighted by taking part in such an uplifting joyful and fun class. Donna's calm, expert teaching gave her students much confidence which I'm sure will continue into their classes next term!...

Next was a unique class taught by Alina Luts, who hails from Ukraine, and we were about to be enchanted by Russian and Spanish dance moves!
Firstly we took to the barre and marvelled at the elegance of the Russian way of flicking our legs in and out which is very familiar to an Argentine Tango move, as I'm sure all you Strictly fans will remember! Then it was the turn of the proud Spanish flaying of the arms and stamping of the feet at which we all wanted to shout "Ole!"
Before this fascinating class had to sadly come to an end, we were first shown and then took part in a small excerpt from the Ball Scene in Swan Lake. Although we all won't be auditioning for a part just yet,... we thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience and will take away many fond memories of a very enjoyable day.

We look forward to happily dancing our way through 2018!

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