Friday, 20 October 2017

S & J Talk Ballet

Friday update for all dance lovers out there, especial those 55+!

First up Susan, of S J talk Ballet, is on a break at present to deal with pressing family issues. We wish Susan continued strength and we give her our unlimited support. She still thoroughly enjoys her adult ballet classes with us and insists that those keep her grounded and full of vim and vigour.

J for Julia, on the other hand, has been dancing and socialising non-stop! She attended the #HounslowAwards recently on behalf of and
Ballet4life's Director Donna was a Finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Move into Wellbeing® was a Finalist in the Best Charity of the Year Award. Her next blog after this one will reveal what happened so watch this space!

For today she wanted to blog about Monday morning Ballet Barre Class with our newest bright star, teacher  Chris.

 Julia says:

There is such a variety of dance classes to choose from at Ballet4life, that making the decision of which one to opt for, is like delving into a yummy box of chocolates!
One of the classes that I have recently become familiar with, is the Monday class at 9.15 Beginner Ballet Barre and Dance Fitness, at the Chiswick Studio, which is led by accomplished dance teacher Chris Christodoulou.
Chris hails from Cyprus and has a wealth of dance experience, starting with his professional dance training in Athens, through to his acceptance and involvement at the Hellenic Dance Company, and much, much more besides, which can be sourced from the newsy Ballet4life website.
We are so fortunate to have him teaching at Ballet4life, and look forward to our class every Monday. This class is welcoming to all, but especially those who would like to start learning the basic ballet skills. Hope to see you soon at the ballet barre!...Julia

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