Friday, 22 September 2017

S- Susan, of S&J Talk Ballet, has been on a break dealing with some pressing family issues. She just recently dusted off her ballet pumps again and waltzed back into the studio to the ballet barre to join in classes.We wish her all the best for this new season!

J- Julia, of S&J Talk Ballet, has just written about returning to the ballet basics; the positions and their importance.

Hi to all new dancers,
Now that the Autumn Ballet4life term has arrived, I am really looking forward to learning some new moves and techniques whilst enjoying the joy that ballet brings!

Recently I was asked by Donna, director of Ballet4life to pose for the beginner course information sheet, to show the ballet positions, and it made me realise how important it was to re-learn/learn the basic positions, as once these are mastered the door is opened to the magical world of enchantment that ballet brings...

During this wonderful new ballet experience, you will be constantly supported by professional and friendly ballet teachers, meet new friends and have fun along the way. We look forward to meeting and greeting you at the next beginners class.

Hope you enjoy seeing me trying to remember and demonstrate the positions in the photos below!
Happy dancing!

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