Monday, 11 September 2017

Back to the Barre with J of S and J Talk Ballet
Julia shares her thoughts on getting back to classes now that Autumn is creeping in.
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Julia in Ballet Class at Ballet4life. ( Pictured here is 
the other Monday morning ballet class with Chris but we will be taking photos at Mark's class again soon)

Hi to all those of you out there that love dance!!
Now that Autumn has arrived and it's getting quite chilly I find it's REALLY good to warm up those toes at ballet class. Today I arrived feeling nippy and left totally toasty, and that wasn't just my toes!....
Mark Kimmett, who trained at the Royal Ballet School, and is a former dancer with Rambert Dance Company and Scottish Ballet, is one of Ballet4life's newer wonderful teachers, and what a privilege it was today to be a student in his class.
To start off with, there was a great warmth of welcome on arrival, which was followed by a calm, expertly taught class, and one that allowed me to make corrections and gain some confidence along the way.
The music was delightful, the atmosphere uplifting and what better way to while away time on a Monday morning. This particular class is held at 10.30am at the large, lovely dance studio at St Peter's

Hall, Southfield Road, London W4 1BB.

It would be great to share this experience with other danceaholics, so see you there!... Julia

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