Friday, 12 May 2017

S- Susan  of S & J talk ballet on frappé 

Frustrating Frappés!

I am wondering if any other ‘Ballet4lifers’ have trouble executing the frappé
exercises.  If my feet carry out the single frappe exercises correctly I feel that my hands are doing their own thing! Double frappés are often just a jumble especially if I have my eyes on the person in front of me despite them doing it correctly. I often feel that my toes are curling up between the striking of the floor and the return movement, whether they really are or it is just my imagination, I am not sure. Perhaps I over think the exercise and should just get on with it but I always get a sinking feeling when the words “ now let’s do frappés”. I hope that one day I will conquer the exercise but until then I would love to hear if anyone has any tips they can pass on.

Images: Susan in Ballet4life Beginner Improvers Class with Mark Kimmet. All rights reserved.

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