Wednesday, 24 May 2017

J as in Julia of S & J Talk Ballet on our recent Dance Showcase which raised funds for Registered Charity Move into Wellbeing®

The talent was remarkable, the atmosphere electric and the audience roused!!
Yes, all these ingredients came together at 6 o'clock at the Ballet4life Showcase last Saturday evening.
The show was a combination of many dance and movement skills.... Teachers performing modern and lively dances, often encompassing their own unique choreography, followed by their students, either dancing snazzy jazz routines or perhaps in some cases more graceful, delicate balletic ones!
All participants were individually introduced by Ballet4life Founder and Mentor Donna Schoenherr, with proceeds to be donated to her much loved and Registered Charity Move Into Wellbeing®.
This particular group, later led by Beatrice Ghezzi, one of our talented dance teachers,  performed a wonderfully enthusiastic and fun movement piece, which led to much clapping, whooping and joining in from the audience!
The finale of the evening was 'The Chorus Line' and with this being such a fun number, many took to the floor for the final kicks of the evening!!

This was followed by a short party and a farewell presentation to Clarissa Rocha, who was relocating, and we will miss her but wish her every happiness and success in the future!

For further information about Registered Charity 1172264, please visit and @Movein2Welbng

Images below from Ballet4life's fundraising Showcase and Move into Wellbeing's class. All rights reserved.


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