Wednesday, 3 May 2017

3 May 2017

Tuesday's Ballet4life classes for 50+
Two wonderful dance classes today were enjoyed by the 50+ ladies, with our lovely mentor and teacher Donna at the helm, gently moving us on towards gaining more confidence in our dance abilities. One 50+ er Anne even felt confident enough to share briefly with another 50+ lady the start of a new dance sequence we had just all been learning Nice that everyone is so friendly....

Then an exhilarating Pilates/dance class was much enjoyed by all with our excellent teacher Becky, comprising of fab up-tempo music and slick dance moves! With more practice,

I'm hoping to conquer the windmill arm movement, which I find quite tricky, and so next week will see if I can get any top tips from Becky or the others in our group....

Images of Julia in Becky's 50+ Dance & Fitness Class on Tuesday mornings. All rights reserved.

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